the arborsmith advantage™

We have developed a trademarked system called the Arborsmith Advantage™ to insure your trees are inspected and optimal solutions for their health are simplified and carefully laid out for easy understanding and implementation.  We are always in training and continuing education classes, and doing research to insure up to date understanding of the threats to our tree patients.

“Prune and trim we must, but not with ruthless haste and ready pruning knife, until we have reflected upon the tree we trim, the environment it lives in and the sap which feeds it.”
Thomas R. Kelly (1893-1941) a Quaker missionary, educator, writer and scholar

Arborsmith™ Perennial Benefits

  • All maintenance performed by certified arborists and licensed applicators
  • Consultation with other landscape maintenance professionals to provide expert guidance
  • Emails from our Plant Health Care Alert System™ regarding relevant tree health issues
  • Arborsmith Abstracts™, practical solutions to common tree problems
  • Access to our online learning resources
  • Arborists Aloft Report, a bird’s eye view to eliminate worry
  • Tree Teachers™ availability for local groups and organizations
  • Subscription to the Wisdom From the Trees ™ monthly e-newsletter

Spring | Protection

  • Plant Health Care Alerts™ focused on new tree threats
  • Controls for invasive insect and disease attacks
  • An outline of the year’s maintenance initiatives
  • Collaboration with your other landscaping professionals

Summer | Enjoyment

  • Protective root mulching and tree fertilization
  • Access to the Tree Teachers™ program
  • Environmentally sensitive control of harmful insects and diseases by licensed applicators
  • Root growth stimulation
  • Natural evergreen pruning and rejuvenation
  • Trimming and vista clearance

Fall | Evaluation

  • The Tree Need Identifier™ -- Identification of stressed trees and winter needs
  • The Tree Care Simplifier™ -- Clarify and prioritize which actions to take
  • Fall pruning and storm damage protection
  • Mulching
  • Continued access to the Tree Teachers™

Winter | Preparation

  • Elm and Oak trimming
  • Deciduous shrub and ornamental tree trimming
  • Protective mulching
  • Pruning and trimming education
  • The Annual Arborsmith® Tree Calendar
  • Continued access to The Tree Teachers™
  • Annual evaluations completed

"Working with "the other guys" vs. Arborsmith is the haircut equivalent to Fastcuts verses a private session with Vidal Sassoon."

J. Rosenberg, a Highland Park client